Solid wood floors, discovered in ancient times and valued until today, represent true beauty and uniqueness. Even with the increasing number of new flooring types they still hold the title of the high quality flooring with many favorable attributes.

Their positive impact may be seen in several ways. As a natural product, hardwood parquets bring harmony and healthy climate to the interior. They are hypoallergenic, absorb negative radiation and have excellent thermal and sound insulating properties.

As a highly resistant but adaptable material, parquets have been used in castles as well as in productions buildings, which makes them a very universal and supertemporal flooring. Solid wood floors enrich all types of interior, whether it is designed in modern or traditional style.

Solid wood parquet production has been our main activity for more than 20 years and still is important part of our brand. We offer around hundred different products within our parquet collections, all PEFC certified and according to the latest European standards.

Parquets either travel to the Western Europe countries, are selected for various projects or enrich homes of our final customers. Our parquets have a long tradition and we are proud of their Slovak origin.

We provide our customers with complex services from delivery of parquets, skirtings, interior elements, flooring chemistry to installation, consultancy and technical services. Visit our brand website, which includes technical specifications, photos and more information about our parquets –

Slovak origin

Experience QUERCUS flooring. Purely Slovak products made of sustainable local wood, perfected by the newest technologies and controlled by qualified experts in our plant. Thanks to the personal approach is each parquet unique and carries its own story.

Highest quality

Whether it is a careful selection of materials or precise manufacture, quality always stays our priority. All our products comply with the latest European standards and pass through several controlling stages, so that we can be sure that our customers receive only the best.

Real value

Solid wood parquet represents the real value. Solid wood is valued and rarely used material, which often tends to be replaced by inferior materials. By choosing parquet QUERCUS you may be sure that you invest in the real quality that does not lose its value in time.

Significant projects

Our floors have found place in the world-famous French Versailles Palace, a prestigious city hall in Nice but also in the government buildings in Turkmenistan. They witness cultural events in the Slovak State Scientific Library as well as everyday stories in many Slovak homes.

Everything you need to know about our solid wood flooring in one place:

    • Study around 100 flooring types in detail with technical specifications, prices and photographs.
    • Gain valuable advice and information on the parquet floor, finishes, installation and maintenance.
    • Take advantage of our regular promotions of parquet or complementary products.
    • Choose ideal parquet accessories. Give the floor a final touch with solid wood skirtings and try some of our professional products specially developed for wooden floor care.