Excellent properties of hardwood railway sleepers make them suitable for use at complicated sites, difficult passages in terms of relief and generally for rough terrain which does not allow the use of sleepers from other materials. As a natural material, wooden sleepers are flexible, electrically nonconductive and they also have no adverse impact on the environment.

Our company is specialized in manufacturing of untreated sleepers from oak and beech wood. We belong to the largest producers in Central Europe and the most of our production is being allocated in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our annual production capacity reaches 30 000 pieces. We have co-projected and implemented first of its kind robotic production line for hardwood sleepers which allows us to produce sleepers precisely, at the highest quality and with greater productivity.


Cross sleepers

Turnout sleepers

Bridge sleepers


160 x 260 x 2 600

160 x 260 x 2 700 – 5 000

240 x 260 x 2 500 – 2 600